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CFS Updates and Covid19

| March 23, 2020
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As you may have heard, California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a “stay at home” order amid the coronavirus pandemic.  A similar order has been issued by Los Angeles County.  Under these stay-at-home orders, CFS is designated as an “essential” enterprise because we are a financial services company.  While the orders are in effect, we will operate normal business hours and perform all normal services. 

To provide our staff with maximum safety, we are complying with the spirit of the orders by increasing “distance” measures so not everyone will work from the Burbank office at all times.  Instead they will be working part time in the office and the rest of the time remotely.   

We will be FULLY functional, operating under our long standing Business Continuity Plan.  We are here to serve you and you will receive the full services you expect from us.
Contacting our office:
All calls will be received and either answered or responded to promptly.

All emails will be responded to promptly.

Operations / Processing of Business:

Given the market volatility and the operating environment with all parties nationally & internationally:

  • All trades will be handled as always.  We are known for quick turnaround, but may require 24-48 trading hours to execute.
  • Closing or opening accounts: some of the back offices are backed up. We may experience some minor delays.
  • Reviews:  Reviews are already scheduled & we expect to continue as scheduled. 
  • Financials:  We will utilize online reports in most cases.  We have been informed by law enforcement they have seen a spike in cyber, mail and wire crimes and expect that spike to grow as people increase their use of e-commerce and mail while sheltered in place.  Therefore during this time we will refrain from sending our traditional financial reports via email and mail in advance of reviews. 

Personal service and communicating directly with our clients has always been of utmost importance to us. It is more important than ever.  
Please call anytime with your requests for information and services during these unusual times.


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