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Meet Our Team

CFS is a diversified consulting firm specializing in financial, estate, investment, trust, and tax planning services. 

With a professional staff made up of investment, insurance, accounting, administrative, and actuarial specialists, CFS is recognized in the area of personal financial planning through comprehensive estate and business services.

CFS charges reasonable annual fees for its services, so that its clients can be assured of objectivity in its recommendations.

For those persons interested in a consistent, coordinated program aimed at working toward financial independence and security, CFS offers an unsurpassed commitment to professionalism and service.

Meet our Team

Victor Luke, Legal Counsel

(818)846-8092 ex.5

Martha Macias, Client Operations Assistant

(818) 846-8092 ex. 4

Jessica Madiera, Financial Data Analyst

(818) 846-8092 ex. 9

Dawn Mateo, Administrator

(818) 846-8092 ex. 3

Ben Salonga, Client Operations Assistant

(818)846-8092 ex. 8

Kayleigh Whitmore, Client Operations Assistant

(818)846-8092 ex. 2